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How To Keep Your Business Protected From Financial Fraud?

If you are running a startup and have no previous experience in handling finances, then it becomes extremely important for you to protect your business from financial fraud. They can happen any time, anywhere, and in ways, you have never imagined. So, be careful with how you handle your business finances. Here are a couple of tips that can help you in this regard.

Protecting Your Business From Financial Frauds:

First thing first, never use your personal bank account to carry out business transactions. When you share your bank account details to vendors and clients over email or text messages, you put out something that’s supposed to be very confidential online. And as a matter of fact, everything that’s online can be hacked into. So, it’s better to keep two different bank accounts for personal and business-related usage.

Stop using your credit cards randomly at online stores and websites that are slightly new. If possible, stop using credit cards online at all. From time to time, fraudsters hack into the database of various online stores and websites and steal credit card information. By the time anyone comes to know about this hack, they might have already used credit cards for shopping or making random payments.

Don’t share your website’s password with too many people, regardless of whether they are your teammates or not. You don’t know who’s going to leak it to someone that can misuse that information for their own benefits. Also, do a thorough background check every time you hire a new employee. It will help you determine if the person you are hiring has a clean track record and was never involved in any criminal activities.

Lastly, if you suspect any fraud being carried out by your client or vendor and have solid evidence that proves them wrong, connect with the investment fraud team at Erez Law and take legal action to hold them accountable for their actions and recover your money. Follow these points to have a smooth and hassle-free experience while running your startup.


How To Make The Divorce Easy For Your Spouse?

Divorce isn’t something people look forward to when they decide to marry. However, if you and your partner aren’t on the same page anymore and have accepted that this marriage cannot continue, parting ways is a perfect option.

At this stage, both of you can try and support each other in the best possible way and make divorce as seamless and trouble-free as possible. Here is how you can do it effectively.

Making Divorce Easy For Your Spouse:

Whether you believe it or not, divorce is always easier for one of the two partners. And if it was your call to end the marriage, then at least you can support your spouse to the best of your capabilities so that they can get through it seamlessly. Unless a restraining order is involved in the divorce process, sit together and talk clearly about your divorce terms with your partner.

Both of you can discuss issues, such as division of the property, alimony, child support, child custody, and anything else that is important.

If your spouse isn’t financially independent and you have a full-time job or business, then it’s a clear sign that they are likely to go through a financial crisis at some point after divorce. Your job is to minimize those troubles as much as possible.

You can find a middle ground where none of you have to give up your living standards. If your spouse wants to keep the child and you have no problem with that, then make arrangements for your child’s future and recurring expenses. The alimony amount should be enough to help them keep their finances stable in the coming months.

The best way to approach this situation is by involving a third party or a lawyer who can make legal arrangements without putting any of you through endless trials, court hearings, and personal questions. There are many such law firms in your area that can do it for you. So, keep these points in mind and do nothing that takes a toll on your spouse’s mental or financial health in the future.


Can You Build Muscles Without Lifting Weights?

Muscle building is the most effective way to keep your body in shape and look attractive throughout the day. That being said, the muscle-building process is aligned with lifting weights. Many experts claim that you have to lift weights regularly to build a muscular body. Since many people don’t have access to gyms due to busy lifestyles, there has to be another way to achieve a muscular physique. This post talks about some alternatives to lifting weights for muscle building.

Let’s dive in!

Muscle Building Without Weights:

According to Clovis, the first step towards building a muscular body is changing your diet. Get rid of junk food, alcohol, and sugar as soon as possible. All three of them make your body bloated and increase the fat percentage. So, start eating clean and focus on your micro and macronutrient intake regularly. If you cannot fulfill your nutrient requirements through a regular meal, switch to a health supplement and keep your macros and micros intake sorted.

Once your diet is fixed, the next thing you need to do is engage in free-weight exercises and cardio. While cardio helps you cut extra fat, free weight exercises will ensure that your muscles start growing over time. You can start running for about an hour daily empty stomach. Post running, you can do free-weight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, squats, crunches, and pull-ups.

These exercises hit your core muscles and break them down. Since your exercise routine is followed by a clean eating lifestyle, muscle recovery doesn’t take much time. The best thing about adapting to this lifestyle is that you don’t need to hire a personal trainer or join a gym at any point. Except running, all other physical activities can be performed in your house and won’t take more than 45-90 minutes daily.

Ensure you sleep for around 6-8 hours every night to give your body enough time to recover from the stress these exercises cause. Stick with this routine for about six months to witness a remarkable body transformation.

Landscaping Services: Something for Everyone

Your backyard should be a place for fun, not a wasted space behind your house. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel like they’re not utilizing their outdoor spaces as well as they could be. For many people, it’s difficult to keep up with landscaping when there are so many other things that take up their attention. Work, friends, and family commitments mean people have less time to spend on making their outdoor spaces functional for their lives. 

Because of this, there’s a real market for landscapers and lawn maintenance. Landscaping is a billion-dollar industry. More than a million landscapers are employed in the United States alone, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Landscaping isn’t just for the wealthy. Landscapers and lawn maintenance professionals have services to offer to everyone, and prices are usually more reasonable than you might think. Even beautiful lawns need care. Routine lawn maintenance is the only way to make sure a lawn stays as nice as it is when it’s first planned out. Landscapers do lawn maintenance all the time, including weeding, de-grubbing, cutting, and pruning. It’s a shame to have wasted outdoor space, but it’s also disappointing to let a once-beautiful space turn ugly and non-functional after disuse.

To get a feel for what kinds of services are offered by most landscaping companies, here is a list of services from the Ware Landscaping website:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Maintenance and Renewal
  • Organic Lawn Care
  • Drainage
  • Snow Removal
  • Landscape Enhancements

This particular landscaping company is from the Chicago area, which explains the offering of snow removal. Other landscapers, however, will cater their services to meet the needs of the areas where they are located. Landscapers know the kinds of pests and plant diseases that are most likely to occur where they work, and they know how to handle the problems specific to their location.

If you’re looking beyond mere lawn maintenance, and want to completely renovate your outdoor living space, a landscaper can help you plan and execute your vision. In the end, this saves you a lot of time and energy, especially if you’re not too keen on hauling huge bags of mulch, moving large rocks, or digging holes. It’s not just about minimizing labor, though. If you’re going to re-do your lawn, you want to do it right the first time. Tackling such a big project without the proper experience might mean disappointment in the long-run.

It’s usually better to hire a professional for big undertakings such as renovating your backyard, but of course – to each their own! Not everyone needs to overhaul the design of their yard, and some people love to do yard work. For the rest of us, though, landscaping services can seem like a godsend.

Ways Out of a Bad Legal Situation

Sometimes we make choices, but other times choices make us. We’ve all had choices that later come back to bite us. Hopefully, most of the consequences of these decisions are secretly chances to learn and grow, but sometimes we may not get the chance. When someone gets caught committing a crime, they can quickly feel like their life is no longer in their control.  Punishments can be harsh and life-changing, but making a mistake shouldn’t ruin your life. There are always ways to make the best of a bad situation. Don’t forget that you have access to certain right and privileges that can make a bad turn of events and make it better. If you find yourself caught up in a legal situation where you can’t see the way out, try some of these steps to help get yourself back on track:

Know your rights.

Even if you’re placed under arrest, you still maintain many rights that can help you get out of a sticky situation. Cops are people too, and sometimes their mistakes can invalidate the arrest. Before the arrest, make sure you are being lawfully detained and that you have had your rights read to you. Searching without a warrant is very rarely an acceptable thing for a cop to do, and if they force themselves into your home you may be able to have the charges against you thrown out. If a cop makes an unlawful arrest or searches your house without a warrant, this can completely change the outcome of your charges.

Get a Lawyer.

This is just the first step to getting legal issues sorted out. It may seem obvious at first, but an attorney that is on your side is an invaluable asset. As you will have likely heard when you were having your rights read to you, you have the right to an attorney that will act on your behalf. The best attorney in this situation would be a defense attorney. Defense attorneys like Ian Inglis are specialists helping those charged with different criminal offenses. If you find yourself charged with possession of drugs, or get caught shoplifting red-handed, make sure to find legal counsel can help reduce your charges. Additionally, continues to be a valuable asset long after your trial. They can help with sentencing and even probationary hearings when the time comes.

See if you can get your record expunged.

If all else fails, you may end up with a criminal charge on your record. After paying the fines and doing the time, this charge can follow you for the rest of your life. Felony charges make it nearly impossible to get a job, and rebuilding a career is one of the most important parts of reintegrating into society. If you can see about having your record cleared. Wiping the charge off of your record can make the difference between moving forward and being stuck in the past.

A Magical Hair Experience

Recently one of my best friends from high school moved to Houston Texas, where I have been living for a few years now. She was very attached to her hair stylist where she lived, and she has been having a lot of trouble finding a new stylist that meets all of her needs. She is getting married soon and really wants to find somebody that she trusts with her hair before her big day. However, I am not a very glamorous person, and I don’t think the small salon that I go to will suit her needs because she tends to be very fancy and seems to want an experience when she goes to the salon. Since she has a lot on her plate as she gets adjusted to living in Houston, I decided to do some research on her behalf, and I found the website for Therapy Hair Studio. From their website, I can tell that they provide the type of quality haircuts mixed with a relaxing experience that I know my friend will value.

Therapy Hair Studio’s focus is on enhancing the unique beauty in each client. They attempt to get a nuanced understanding of exactly what each client is looking for in their hairstyle and have a wide selection of services that can achieve that goal. Most of the time, on your first visit they will have a full fifteen-minute consultation with the stylist so that there is no misunderstanding about exactly what you want to do with your hair. The consultation allows them to customize their service based on the condition, color, and texture of your hair. Not only do they do an excellent job with the cut and color of your hair, but they also go to lengths to show you exactly how to maintain your hairstyle in your everyday life. As they do your hair, they teach you techniques to replicate the look that you get when you walk out of the salon, and they recommend the highest quality products and tools to make sure you look your best until your next visit.

Thankfully, Therapy Hair Studio also claims to have experts in bridal hair and makeup. They know how important it is for your hair to be perfect on your wedding day because you will be looking at and showing those pictures for the rest of your life. Hopefully, they can earn my friend’s trust before her wedding day so that she has one less thing to stress about before her wedding day.

Most importantly, Therapy Hair Studio says that they are committed to providing a high quality, relaxing experience during your visit. They offer champagne, wine, tea, or even a hot cappuccino to their customers to enjoy while their stylists go to work on their hair. They want their customers to have a therapeutic and enjoyable experience, hence the name of their studio. I think this would be perfect for my friend who is a little bit high strung and wants to be treated like a very important person.

How to Prepare for a Consultation After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are far too common here in Tucson. This shouldn’t be surprising, since this is a fairly big city with quite a bit of traffic, and the occasional deluge that can make driving a true hazard for even the most experienced person behind the wheel.

At the same time, truck accidents are particularly unfortunate because they are often avoidable and often catastrophic. The resulting injuries can leave people in serious physical and financial shape. That’s why so many people have to pursue claims against trucking companies. Truck accidents are serious, and often, there’s no other way to get compensation. Since this is such a big issue in the Tucson area, I thought I’d take a moment to provide a little help to those who are preparing for a potential suit.

The first thing you need to do is find the right lawyer. That often requires shopping around a bit and taking advantage of the free calls and free consultations lawyers will offer you. These consultations have a double purpose in that they give you and the lawyer a chance to review your potential case, and they give the lawyer a chance to sell themselves as the best option to take that case.

So, what should you do to prepare for your truck accident consultation? That’s an important question, and it’s one I rarely find answers for online. Many lawyers recommend coming in for a free consultation, but it’s hard to find out what the person pursuing a claim should do beforehand. Since you’re probably already in the midst of a very difficult period, dealing with injuries, bills, pain, and a lot of difficult emotions, it’s important to get this information out there and get it straight.

Thankfully, not all lawyers leave this matter open and unexplained. Tucson’s own Russo, Russo, & Slania, P.C. Attorneys at Law explain very succinctly exactly what you should do before sitting down with your potential lawyer.

They advise that you to bring all the necessary documents, which include:

  • Medical bills
  • Copies of police reports
  • Photos taken after the accident

Otherwise, they don’t say you have to do much else. However, to expand on that list a bit on my own, I think there are a few other things you might want to do if it is possible.

For instance, it might be good to dress up a bit if possible, since you want to impress the lawyer, just like they want to impress you.

You could also draw up a list of questions you want answered. Everyone has some basic questions, and while some of them (such as, famously, “how much is my case worth?”) are probably impossible to answer fully in that first consultation, you can definitely get a better feel for what your case will look like with this lawyer.

Finally, do a little research about the lawyer before the consultation. Read about old cases, reviews, and other sources that paint a picture. Then you can ask for more information about their experience when you sit down with them.

Not everyone is able to do all of this before a consultation, but if you are able to complete that list, you’ll have a must better and more useful experience.

4 best ways to break a contract

Let’s say you signed a contract that looked like a good deal at the time, but you want out of it now. This isn’t that rare a situation. Most of us sign many contracts in our lives, and they don’t all turn out to be the best option available. If you’re an independent contractor, you can always walk away at any time, that’s built into the contract, but if you own a business, it’s a lot more complicated.

But it isn’t necessarily impossible. Use these four steps to try to break free from your contract chains and sign that better deal.

  1. Send a letter and offer to negotiate

This is the first step because it’s a polite gesture. If you’re going to get out of a contract relatively painlessly, you’ll want to try to be polite and business-like. In your letter, offer to negotiate a fair fee for breaking the contract. You might also be able to offer to partially fulfill the contract. Should the other signer of the contract be in a negotiating and amenable mood, you might be able to get free without much pain.

  1. Use the “cooling off” rule

If you’ve changed your mind within three days of signing your contract, you’re in luck, you are probably allowed to break it. The Federal Trade Commission allows 72 hours to “cool off” after you’ve signed even a modestly sized contract (anything worth more than $25). Use that to your advantage. If a better deal became available right after you signed your contract, break it without consequence and sign the other one.

Still, it’d be best to send a letter, just to be polite.

  1. Breach the contract and arbitrate

If the letter didn’t work and you waited too long, you can always stop making payments or otherwise delivering on your end of the contract. Most contracts require you to then go to arbitration where you can negotiate a better situation for yourself, again either by paying fees or offering to partially fulfill your end of the deal.

  1. Talk to a lawyer

Really, if the contract is of any significant size at all, you should probably talk to a lawyer to make sure you are on firm ground with your actions. A contract lawyer will know precisely what you are entitled to do and what you will be penalized for. They can also advise you on what information you should share in breaking a contract and how to make yourself look best in the eyes of the law.

If you are an employee with a contract, you may want to talk to an employment contract attorney to find out what rights you have, whether you are breaking the contract or it was broken on you.

Remember, you are not necessarily stuck with a contract you’ve signed. Though it may be hard to find your way out of a mess you’ve signed yourself into, it is not impossible. Use the steps above, and hopefully, you’ll be free to make that better deal. Try to stick with that one, though. You don’t want to earn a reputation.

Trucking Accident Liability: An Overview

Large commercial trucks sharing the roadways with much smaller, privately-owned vehicles can create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. Because these vehicles are so large in size, they often have limited visibility, creating multiple blind spots in which truck drivers are unable to see the road. More importantly, if an accident involving a large commercial truck does occur, the consequences for all those involved in the accident can be substantial, even life-threatening.

Accidents involving a large commercial truck are often subject to legal action, in large part because those who are the victims of these types of unfortunate circumstances often require Truck Accident On Texas Road In Sunsetsubstantial medical treatment in order to recover from their injuries. The costs of this treatment are often quite high, and therefore trucking accident victims often seek compensation for their losses. However, assessing liability for trucking accidents can often be complicated, as several different parties may be variously implicated in the accident’s occurrence. An example of a prominent trucking accident settlement can help to show how exactly this can operate.

A truck driver working for a cable company in Texas struck a vehicle driven by Mindy Ragsdale, with her grandmother Peggye Woodson in the passenger’s seat, killing both women. The collision occurred even though the driver should have had as many as 14 seconds of visibility in which to come to a stop behind the vehicle. The accident occurred because the driver had been busy texting on his cellphone instead of focusing on the road, as he should have been.

In this circumstance, the driver was clearly the individual responsible for the accident’s occurrence. However, the truck accident lawyer which represented the family of Mindy Ragsdale and Peggye Woodson was able to effectively argue that the company bore at least some share of responsibility for the accident because it had failed to implement a ban on cellphone use while driving for its employees. Under the legal theory of vicarious responsibility, this would have left the company liable for much of the damages sought by the family if the case had gone to trial. In order to avoid this outcome, as well as the negative publicity such a move might result in, the company settled out of court with the family.

This is just one example of the many ways that trucking accident liability can be more complicated than it may initially appear. While the driver was certainly responsible for the accident, the company which employed him was also eventually deemed liable for the damages that his negligent actions caused because of its own lax safety policies. Many similar cases occur every year in the United States.

Nursing Home Abuse: A Disturbing Trend

America’s aging population, which is being driven in large part by the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, has had a significant impact on many different factors of our society, but one largely unnoticed trend has been the increasing reliance of many individuals and families on the use of nursing care facilities to help elderly Americans remain in good health throughout their twilight years. In fact, the demand for nursing home care, which has been steadily increasing for decades, appears poised to now reach unprecedented levels in the coming years.

This, unfortunately, may also prove to be problematic. As the demand for nursing care increases, so too does the overall share of nursing care facilities operated on a for-profit basis. And the reality is that these facilities often cut corners, sometimes drastically, or otherwise mistreat their residents in order to increase profit margins. A disturbing case from South Carolina demonstrates the ways in which for-profit nursing homes can cause serious injury or other forms of damage to occur to residents.

Life Care Centers of America, one of America’s largest for-profit nursing care companies with more than 200 facilities in 28 different states, is currently under investigation by the federal government for a series of abuses the company is alleged to have committed. The government’s interest in the company relates to potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that may have occurred as a result of the company submitting residents to care and treatments which they did not need solely in order to bill the government more for services rendered. But the consequences of this unnecessary care have, in some circumstances, been devastating.

At a South Carolina facility operated by Life Care, an 80-year old woman was placed in a standing frame for well over an hour, ostensibly for physical rehabilitation and “occupational” therapy. This woman was unable to control her head or keep her eyes open, and the treatment, as described in federal documents, had no relevant purpose. Two days later, the woman died, in part because of the unnecessary treatment she had received.

In many other cases, for-profit nursing homes operate with far fewer staff than necessary to provide their residents with the care they need, choosing instead to optimize cost structures at the expense of patient safety. The results of this type of negligence can be just as devastating as unnecessary patient care, potentially causing medication errors, patient injuries, and many other possible causes of harm to occur. For this reason, for-profit nursing homes are often cited by nursing home abuse lawyers as the most dangerous care facilities in which to place elderly relatives.