Can You Build Muscles Without Lifting Weights?

Muscle building is the most effective way to keep your body in shape and look attractive throughout the day. That being said, the muscle-building process is aligned with lifting weights. Many experts claim that you have to lift weights regularly to build a muscular body. Since many people don’t have access to gyms due to busy lifestyles, there has to be another way to achieve a muscular physique. This post talks about some alternatives to lifting weights for muscle building.

Let’s dive in!

Muscle Building Without Weights:

According to Clovis, the first step towards building a muscular body is changing your diet. Get rid of junk food, alcohol, and sugar as soon as possible. All three of them make your body bloated and increase the fat percentage. So, start eating clean and focus on your micro and macronutrient intake regularly. If you cannot fulfill your nutrient requirements through a regular meal, switch to a health supplement and keep your macros and micros intake sorted.

Once your diet is fixed, the next thing you need to do is engage in free-weight exercises and cardio. While cardio helps you cut extra fat, free weight exercises will ensure that your muscles start growing over time. You can start running for about an hour daily empty stomach. Post running, you can do free-weight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, squats, crunches, and pull-ups.

These exercises hit your core muscles and break them down. Since your exercise routine is followed by a clean eating lifestyle, muscle recovery doesn’t take much time. The best thing about adapting to this lifestyle is that you don’t need to hire a personal trainer or join a gym at any point. Except running, all other physical activities can be performed in your house and won’t take more than 45-90 minutes daily.

Ensure you sleep for around 6-8 hours every night to give your body enough time to recover from the stress these exercises cause. Stick with this routine for about six months to witness a remarkable body transformation.

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