Can Your Employer Fire You For Collecting Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation offers you financial protection and stability in the case of an accident while you are performing work-related tasks. You can be in your office or on the road driving a vehicle to perform your duties and still file the workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits associated with it. Unfortunately, many employees don’t have the courage to do so out of fear of losing their jobs. They think that if they file a workers’ compensation claim, their employer will fire them and snatch every right of earning a stable income in the future.

This is not true at all. Your employer cannot simply fire you because you filed for workers’ compensation benefits. The worst he can do is ask you to resign when the claim is open and you are found doing something that’s unethical at the company. For this, he must present solid evidence that can justify his claims and prove you wrong. In case you have not committed something that is wrong, then there is nothing to worry about.

Road Ahead:

If your employer fires you without any solid grounds after you have filed for workers’ compensation, then you can take this matter to court and demand an explanation from the company along with financial compensation for your losses.

You can contact an attorney for this purpose who has been in the industry for a long time and dealt with many such cases in the past. You can also look at various reviews the attorney has received from his previous clients on his social media accounts and website. This step will get rid of any doubts that you may have regarding his skills, capability, and expertise.

Explain your problem to the attorney and figure out which all options you have at this stage. He can suggest to you the process that needs to be followed to prove your employer wrong in front of the judge.

Do as he says, and you’ll not have to worry while trying to get the compensation for your wage loss and mental harassment.

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