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Skid To A Halt: How To Avoid Speeding Accidents

In the United States, speeding is a major factor in fatal car accidents. In fact, it has been estimated that about one-third of all traffic fatalities are linked to speed. It’s easy to see why: if you’re driving more than 10 miles over the legal speed limit, your chance of being involved in an accident doubles. And just 1 mile per hour over the limit can lead to a 4% increase in risk for each additional mile traveled above that threshold!

The article goes on to talk about how people can avoid speeding and have safer driving habits by following these tips:

If you’re going to be driving in unfamiliar territory, take a map along and use it as an aid instead of depending on your GPS or other devices. It will ensure that you stay focused on the road ahead and can drive safely and carefully.

Keep your headlights clean so that they don’t reflect off wet surfaces. This will make it easier for drivers coming from behind to see what’s ahead of them when they turn their lights on at night.

Don’t speed disproportionately more than the speed limit. It gives you more control over your vehicle and allows you to stop immediately if an emergency occurs.

Avoid texting and chatting on social media while you’re driving. Anything that takes your attention away from the road reduces the amount of time it will take for you to react if something does happen.

Stay off the throttle pedal if passing another car because this can force a driver into an unexpected lane change. Once again, be sure not to forget about staying focused on the road! Finally, always wear your seatbelt and obey all state laws governing vehicle usage.

Not only will these strategies help keep you safer behind the wheel, but they’ll also make any time spent with law enforcement officers much more pleasant. Just in case you face any legal issues or want to sue another vehicle owner for causing damages, consider connecting with a good law firm. Onder Law provides an auto accident lawyer in St. Louis. You can visit its website and book an appointment for any kind of accident, injury, and compensation-related concerns.


How To Bring Down The Number of Nursing Home Choking Accidents?

Choking accidents in nursing homes are quite common. To make sure that none of your loved ones have to face such an accident ever, you must keep in mind some important points. This post covers the causes of nursing home choking accidents and how to prevent them from happening. In the end, you can also find out the best way to deal with a nursing home that lets such accidents happen repetitively.

Why Do Nursing Home Choking Accidents Happen?

Regardless of how far medical science has come, choking accidents continue to affect thousands of people every year. It’s one of the leading causes of death in nursing homes in the US. Keeping in mind the standards that the healthcare system in the US maintains, you may wonder why such accidents keep happening. Well, the leading cause of them is the inadequacy of the medical staff.

The technology used by nursing homes across the nation is world-class, but it cannot outperform the human efforts that patient attendants are expected to make every day. In many nursing homes, the staff doesn’t know how to handle choking accident cases. They are unaware of various emergency protocols that need to be followed in such cases. Some nursing homes are even short of professionals who can handle medical emergencies. All of these factors lead to a rising number of choking cases in the United States.

The only way to keep such accidents under control is to hire skilled medical staff. As a common person, all you can do to protect your elderly parents from such accidents is admit them to those nursing homes that have the required facilities and enough skilled professionals to handle any emergency situation. However, even after following all the steps, if the nursing home you chose fails to stop such a case, then pursue this matter legally. Get in touch with Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers as soon as possible to discuss which all options are available for you.

Legally handling a choking case may be a tough job as the nursing homes have a huge team of lawyers to keep any legal complication at bay. So, make sure you go ahead only with the best lawyer in the business who has a 100% success rate while handling such matters.


What Are The Primary Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents?

Every year, hundreds of motorcycle riders lose their lives while going from one place to another in the New Jersey area. Most of them are in the age group 25-35, which means that they are working professionals and many others depend on them financially. With them gone, the livelihood of their family members becomes a major issue. If you also have a motorcycle and want to drive safely, then keep in mind the reasons responsible for most motorcycle accidents and avoid them as much as possible.

Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents:

Many motorcycle accidents happen because of inefficient driving conditions on roads. Potholes, slippery surfaces, running water or roads, damaged street lights, etc., are some of the common reasons that lead to accidents every year.

Other than these factors, distracted driving also plays a crucial role in motorcycle accidents. If you take a look at the number of accidents that took place in the last couple of years, you can easily find out that the number of distracted driving accidents has gone up drastically. Many motorcycle riders try to attend to phone calls or text others while driving. They unintentionally take their eyes off the road for calling or texting and crash into other vehicles or pedestrians on the road.

Just like distracted driving, drug overdose or alcohol consumption also leads to motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, riders attend parties late at night, consume too much alcohol or drugs, and fail to drive safely while returning home.

If you keep all these points in mind and avoid them, you can reduce the probability of getting injured in an accident significantly. However, if some other vehicle hits you on the road and you believe that the person driving that vehicle is at fault, then you can handle this matter legally and seek financial compensation to cover up your medical bills and bike repair cost.

All you need to do is contact a skilled personal injury lawyer and discuss with him various options that can be exercised for positive results. Do it carefully, and you’ll never have to face any problem while filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries.


How Does Reckless Driving Affect Car Insurance Premium Rates?

If you look around, you can find many people who got injured or lose their loved ones due to car accidents. A major reason for these crashes is reckless driving. Many people engage in speeding, racing on a busy street, and driving without following traffic rules. They don’t value others’ lives and drive around as of no one else is there on the road.

No matter how excited or high you feel, never engage in such driving behavior. Not only does it put your and many others’ lives in danger, but it also takes your insurance premiums to all new heights.

Reckless Driving And Insurance Premium:

If you are caught driving recklessly, then the other party who got injured can sue you in court and demand huge financial compensation to cover their losses. The misery doesn’t end here. As soon as your insurer comes to know about you engaging in reckless driving, it can increase your insurance premium by a whopping 50% or even more. There is no way you can escape this consequence post a reckless driving charge.

On the contrary to this situation, if you believe that you’re driving carefully and the other party was driving recklessly, then you can easily connect with a personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit in court. Adam Kutner is a motorcycle attorney in Las Vegas and also handles car crashes where the victim has suffered physically, psychologically, and financially.

All you have to do is explain the matter in detail to Adam and his team after the accident. Once you do this, they will guide you throughout the process and help you get the compensation to cover all the medical bills and car repair expenses.

Keep in mind both of these scenarios and choose carefully as to how you want to behave while driving. If you drive recklessly, you may have to deal with an added financial burden in the future. But if you drive carefully and use a personal injury lawyer’s help, you can recover all the expenses you’ve incurred in the case of an accident.


Can Your Employer Fire You For Collecting Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation offers you financial protection and stability in the case of an accident while you are performing work-related tasks. You can be in your office or on the road driving a vehicle to perform your duties and still file the workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits associated with it. Unfortunately, many employees don’t have the courage to do so out of fear of losing their jobs. They think that if they file a workers’ compensation claim, their employer will fire them and snatch every right of earning a stable income in the future.

This is not true at all. Your employer cannot simply fire you because you filed for workers’ compensation benefits. The worst he can do is ask you to resign when the claim is open and you are found doing something that’s unethical at the company. For this, he must present solid evidence that can justify his claims and prove you wrong. In case you have not committed something that is wrong, then there is nothing to worry about.

Road Ahead:

If your employer fires you without any solid grounds after you have filed for workers’ compensation, then you can take this matter to court and demand an explanation from the company along with financial compensation for your losses.

You can contact an attorney for this purpose who has been in the industry for a long time and dealt with many such cases in the past. You can also look at various reviews the attorney has received from his previous clients on his social media accounts and website. This step will get rid of any doubts that you may have regarding his skills, capability, and expertise.

Explain your problem to the attorney and figure out which all options you have at this stage. He can suggest to you the process that needs to be followed to prove your employer wrong in front of the judge.

Do as he says, and you’ll not have to worry while trying to get the compensation for your wage loss and mental harassment.

Trucking Accident Liability: An Overview

Large commercial trucks sharing the roadways with much smaller, privately-owned vehicles can create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. Because these vehicles are so large in size, they often have limited visibility, creating multiple blind spots in which truck drivers are unable to see the road. More importantly, if an accident involving a large commercial truck does occur, the consequences for all those involved in the accident can be substantial, even life-threatening.

Accidents involving a large commercial truck are often subject to legal action, in large part because those who are the victims of these types of unfortunate circumstances often require Truck Accident On Texas Road In Sunsetsubstantial medical treatment in order to recover from their injuries. The costs of this treatment are often quite high, and therefore trucking accident victims often seek compensation for their losses. However, assessing liability for trucking accidents can often be complicated, as several different parties may be variously implicated in the accident’s occurrence. An example of a prominent trucking accident settlement can help to show how exactly this can operate.

A truck driver working for a cable company in Texas struck a vehicle driven by Mindy Ragsdale, with her grandmother Peggye Woodson in the passenger’s seat, killing both women. The collision occurred even though the driver should have had as many as 14 seconds of visibility in which to come to a stop behind the vehicle. The accident occurred because the driver had been busy texting on his cellphone instead of focusing on the road, as he should have been.

In this circumstance, the driver was clearly the individual responsible for the accident’s occurrence. However, the truck accident lawyer which represented the family of Mindy Ragsdale and Peggye Woodson was able to effectively argue that the company bore at least some share of responsibility for the accident because it had failed to implement a ban on cellphone use while driving for its employees. Under the legal theory of vicarious responsibility, this would have left the company liable for much of the damages sought by the family if the case had gone to trial. In order to avoid this outcome, as well as the negative publicity such a move might result in, the company settled out of court with the family.

This is just one example of the many ways that trucking accident liability can be more complicated than it may initially appear. While the driver was certainly responsible for the accident, the company which employed him was also eventually deemed liable for the damages that his negligent actions caused because of its own lax safety policies. Many similar cases occur every year in the United States.

Nursing Home Abuse: A Disturbing Trend

America’s aging population, which is being driven in large part by the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, has had a significant impact on many different factors of our society, but one largely unnoticed trend has been the increasing reliance of many individuals and families on the use of nursing care facilities to help elderly Americans remain in good health throughout their twilight years. In fact, the demand for nursing home care, which has been steadily increasing for decades, appears poised to now reach unprecedented levels in the coming years.

This, unfortunately, may also prove to be problematic. As the demand for nursing care increases, so too does the overall share of nursing care facilities operated on a for-profit basis. And the reality is that these facilities often cut corners, sometimes drastically, or otherwise mistreat their residents in order to increase profit margins. A disturbing case from South Carolina demonstrates the ways in which for-profit nursing homes can cause serious injury or other forms of damage to occur to residents.

Life Care Centers of America, one of America’s largest for-profit nursing care companies with more than 200 facilities in 28 different states, is currently under investigation by the federal government for a series of abuses the company is alleged to have committed. The government’s interest in the company relates to potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that may have occurred as a result of the company submitting residents to care and treatments which they did not need solely in order to bill the government more for services rendered. But the consequences of this unnecessary care have, in some circumstances, been devastating.

At a South Carolina facility operated by Life Care, an 80-year old woman was placed in a standing frame for well over an hour, ostensibly for physical rehabilitation and “occupational” therapy. This woman was unable to control her head or keep her eyes open, and the treatment, as described in federal documents, had no relevant purpose. Two days later, the woman died, in part because of the unnecessary treatment she had received.

In many other cases, for-profit nursing homes operate with far fewer staff than necessary to provide their residents with the care they need, choosing instead to optimize cost structures at the expense of patient safety. The results of this type of negligence can be just as devastating as unnecessary patient care, potentially causing medication errors, patient injuries, and many other possible causes of harm to occur. For this reason, for-profit nursing homes are often cited by nursing home abuse lawyers as the most dangerous care facilities in which to place elderly relatives.

Defective Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the effects of their products. Because almost all pharmaceutical products will cause at least some form of unintended negative side effects in at diethylstilbestrol least some users, companies are often able to avoid liability by placing disclaimers on their medications, giving users the ability to make an informed decision about whether or not to take a given drug. However, in many cases, the full range of side effects which a medication may cause do not become known until years after it has been released onto the market, leaving companies liable to lawsuits for the consequences that their products have had.

A recent case in Boston is an illustrative example of the ways in which pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for negative consequences of their products years after the release of a medication. Four sisters filed a suit against Eli Lilly and Co., a pharmaceutical firm based in Indianapolis, alleging that the breast cancer which all four women developed within a six-year span of each other occurred as a result of medications taken by their mother while she was pregnant with the women.

The medication, diethylstilbestrol or DES, was prescribed to pregnant women in the 1950s and 60s to help prevent miscarriages. In the 1970s, however, the medication was linked to vaginal cancer and subsequent studies demonstrated that it had no impact on the occurrence of miscarriages. As a result, the medication was removed from the market. However, it has continued to have negative effects on the children of women who used this pharmaceutical product, with more than 51 women currently pursuing lawsuits against the makers of this medication for illnesses that they may have developed as a result.

The pharmaceutical defects attorney representing these four women was able to successfully negotiate a settlement with the pharmaceutical company during the trial, for an undisclosed amount. While the attorney charged with representing Eli Lilly and Co. denied that the medication had caused the sisters’ health problems, he acknowledged that it was in the company’s best interests to resolve the case as soon as possible, explaining the settlement as an issue of corporate expediency rather than an acknowledgment of guilt.

As this case shows, pharmaceutical companies can be held accountable for the consequences that their products may have for consumers, even decades after the product in question has been discontinued. However, it’s important to remember that the statute of limitations in these types of cases strictly limits the period in which injury or illness victims may file for compensation after becoming aware that a medication may have caused their damages.

Wrongful Death: A Faculty Case-Based Examination

Regardless of the circumstances in which a person’s life is lost, the event is often a tragedy that can have profound effects on the lives and well-being of those who are left behind. However, this is particularly true in circumstances in which the death occurred as a result of another person’s actions. In consideration of the devastating consequences that this particular type of tragedy can have on others, the family of a deceased individual whose death occurred as a result of another party’s actions have the right to pursue compensation for their loss through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death lawsuits can arise from a wide range of different circumstances. Generally Nicole Brown Simpsonspeaking, for a wrongful death action to have legal basis to move forward, it is only necessary to be able to show that an individual’s death was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another party, actions which are beyond what a reasonable individual might consider appropriate. However, this is a legal formulation that incorporates a remarkable range of different types of actions. An evaluation of an extreme example of wrongful death lawsuits can help to illustrate how diverse this type of legal action can be.

In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered in Los Angeles, California. Suspicion immediately focused on Nicole’s ex-husband, former NFL star O.J. Simpson, who was known to have had a tumultuous relationship with Nicole. O.J. was arrested after a dramatic police chase, and charged with the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and thus laid the groundwork for one of the most notable criminal trials in the history of the American legal system. After nearly eight months, the jury in this criminal trial returned a verdict of “not guilty,” though the evidence linking Simpson to the murders was substantial.

This element of the O.J. Simpson case is widely known. Less heavily publicized was the subsequent civil lawsuit brought against Simpson by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Wrongful death attorney Daniel Petrocelli represented both families. This suit charged Simpson with the wrongful deaths of the murder victims, and the verdict was in this circumstance returned against Simpson, rather than in his favor. The reason for the different outcome came down to the standard of evidence required: in wrongful death suits, the standard required is simply a preponderance of evidence (in laymen’s terms, simply enough evidence to convince a reasonable person that the incident likely occurred), whereas in criminal prosecutions, the evidence must be conclusive to place guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is an extreme example of a wrongful death lawsuit; many other cases are more benign in the underlying cause, often involving issues such as workplace accidents, defective products, or medical malpractice. Regardless of the cause, though, individuals who lose a family member as a result of the irresponsible behavior of others are all granted the legal right to pursue compensation for their loss.

Wrong-Site Surgery: A Pre Law Case-Based Examination

When a person undergoes a surgical procedure, they already face serious potential health risks, regardless of the type of surgery they require. Problems with anesthesia, the potential for unexpected complications to arise, and a number of other factors can all contribute to make surgery a dangerous prospect in any circumstance. However, most patients are at least able to take comfort in the fact that their medical care providers have the expertise and experience required to perform the procedure to the best possible standard.

Unfortunately, this confidence is sometimes misplaced. While the vast majority of surgeons are highly competent, dedicated professionals with the skill necessary to perform the incredibly complex Surgical Mistakeprocedures required in modern medical care, a small but substantial minority of surgeons are ill-equipped to take a patient’s life in their hands. An in-depth examination of a well-known case of surgical error can help to make this point clearer.

Dana Carvey, the comedian best known for his roles on Saturday Night Live and in the Wayne’s World movies, began experiencing severe chest pain as a result of angina. After undergoing several angioplasties to relieve the pain, all of which were ineffective, he eventually opted to undergo double bypass surgery in 1998. Unfortunately, he continued to experience chest pain even after the surgery had been successfully completed.

In an effort to determine precisely what lay behind the ongoing pain, Carvey underwent an angiogram. This test revealed that the double bypass operation Carvey had undergone had been performed on the wrong artery. While Carvey was lucky enough to have caught the problem in time (a final angioplasty procedure, performed by a different surgeon, successfully relieved Carvey’s arterial blockage, and he sustained no long-term damage to the heart muscle), the failure on the part of his initial surgeon placed his life in imminent danger. Without additional procedures, Carey may well have suffered a life-threatening medical event.

As a result of this revelation, Carvey, with the assistance of a skilled medical malpractice attorney, sued his surgeon and the facility at which the operation was performed for $7.5 million, eventually settling for an undisclosed amount, which was distributed to various charitable organizations engaged in research for preventing heart disease. Carvey had the luxury of significant financial security, which enabled him to pursue the suit solely for the purpose of holding his surgeon accountable for his errors. However, many patients who suffer from the effects of medical malpractice do not have this luxury, and must pursue litigation as a matter of necessity as much as one of accountability.