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A Magical Hair Experience

Recently one of my best friends from high school moved to Houston Texas, where I have been living for a few years now. She was very attached to her hair stylist where she lived, and she has been having a lot of trouble finding a new stylist that meets all of her needs. She is getting married soon and really wants to find somebody that she trusts with her hair before her big day. However, I am not a very glamorous person, and I don’t think the small salon that I go to will suit her needs because she tends to be very fancy and seems to want an experience when she goes to the salon. Since she has a lot on her plate as she gets adjusted to living in Houston, I decided to do some research on her behalf, and I found the website for Therapy Hair Studio. From their website, I can tell that they provide the type of quality haircuts mixed with a relaxing experience that I know my friend will value.

Therapy Hair Studio’s focus is on enhancing the unique beauty in each client. They attempt to get a nuanced understanding of exactly what each client is looking for in their hairstyle and have a wide selection of services that can achieve that goal. Most of the time, on your first visit they will have a full fifteen-minute consultation with the stylist so that there is no misunderstanding about exactly what you want to do with your hair. The consultation allows them to customize their service based on the condition, color, and texture of your hair. Not only do they do an excellent job with the cut and color of your hair, but they also go to lengths to show you exactly how to maintain your hairstyle in your everyday life. As they do your hair, they teach you techniques to replicate the look that you get when you walk out of the salon, and they recommend the highest quality products and tools to make sure you look your best until your next visit.

Thankfully, Therapy Hair Studio also claims to have experts in bridal hair and makeup. They know how important it is for your hair to be perfect on your wedding day because you will be looking at and showing those pictures for the rest of your life. Hopefully, they can earn my friend’s trust before her wedding day so that she has one less thing to stress about before her wedding day.

Most importantly, Therapy Hair Studio says that they are committed to providing a high quality, relaxing experience during your visit. They offer champagne, wine, tea, or even a hot cappuccino to their customers to enjoy while their stylists go to work on their hair. They want their customers to have a therapeutic and enjoyable experience, hence the name of their studio. I think this would be perfect for my friend who is a little bit high strung and wants to be treated like a very important person.